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I am Suirano. I draw lewds often. I am known for my love of butts and curves.
I am also the creator of the Church of Bah-Rehst.

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Escaping Tumblr

Posted by Suirano - November 21st, 2018

As many others, I am here because my Tumblr blog got terminated. So be expecting the usual butts and stuff I draw like always from me. Welcome all newcomers.

I made this account back in 2006. Wow.....


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Newgrounds, from your childhood/teenage years/dumb edgy phase:

It has always been here for you.

We will appreciate your butts my friend

First of I will say I love your work :3 and also I found this i dont know it's true but it's worth a shoot perhaps. not me saying this by the way :b

Okay fine I’ll address this.

NSFW blogs are not getting nuked. Tumblr is finally cracking down on bots spamming porn links, and the algorithm they use to ban them is occasionally accidentally hitting NSFW tumblrs.

As of right now, they have all NSFW terms disabled on search so that porn bots don’t have any way to find blogs, and they’re doing a sweep over the site.

Tumblr Staff has addressed this, and most blogs that have been deleted so far have been able to be restored within 24 hours simply by e-mailing staff.

All of them have been told by staff, “We’re sorry for the inconvenience, your blog was deleted on accident by a bug in our new algorithm to delete bot accounts, we’ve restored your account.”

People on Tumblr are OBSESSED with freaking out and shouting about the sky falling because of how easily misinformation spreads on this website.

If my blog disappears it’ll be back, don’t worry.

More of this i dont know but it's worth a shoot. just send an maail to tumblr and see what they have to say :)